Hidden Treasure

By Farzad Khalvati

You are invited to join in a journey of uncovering a secret that has been hidden in Rumi’s poetry for more than 700 years. A secret that delves deep into the questions that have always been with us since we recognized ourselves;

From where have I come? Why come here?
  Where must I go? When will my true home be shown to me?
– Rumi

However, this website does NOT have The Answer. It is not even looking for The Answer. If The Answer is given, we miss the opportunity to spiritually grow beyond what The Answer is telling us. The expansion of consciousness does not happen by having The Answer readily given. Rather, a consciousness preconditioned by The Answer is destined to shrinking. In contrast, as Rumi shows, the questions are far more important, and it is the deepest questions that lead us to the expansion of our consciousness.

How could Rumi’s poetry have hidden an important teaching for over 700 years and why not so many have caught the heart of it?

Everyone became my companion from his own opinion,
  No one sought my secrets from within me.
– Rumi

Is it because things are invisible to us before we learn how to see them?
Is it possible that Rumi’s poetry is trying to show us a new way of seeing life?

This website presents a series of articles, lectures, events, and dialogues about delving deeper into these questions through understanding the hidden teachings behind the veil of words of Rumi and other mystic teachers.

These questions are signs pointing to the hidden dimensions of consciousness (e.g., conscious and subconscious mind) leading us to expand our awareness, and step on the path towards self-realization. This can happen in awakening, dreams, or contemplation.

As Rumi says “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” And, on this path towards self-realization, that is our purpose, to unfold our own myth in a world beyond ideas.


“Whirling Dervish” by Mitra Shafaei

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