Wine of HU


Painting by Mahmoud Farshchian

How can we have a glimpse of the inner worlds? How can we see the beauty of the Beloved?

Vision (khyal) and contemplation are bridges between the visible and invisible worlds. Vision and the wine of HU ride us on the wave of the sound current and take us to the heart of the Beloved.


How can you be freed from the selfish desires without the cup of HU?
O you who have become content with no more of HU than the name of HU!

What springs to life from a name or an attribute of the Beloved? A vision.
A vision of the Beloved that leads to union.

Have you ever seen a lover without reasons for their love?
Or travelled a road without dangers?

Have you ever seen a name without reality behind it?
Or picked a rose from the letters “r-o-s-e”?

You called HU: Now search for the One behind that name.
Look up for the moon, not in reflections of water.

If you want to transcend name and form,
Free yourself completely of the selfish self.

– Rumi’s Masnavi
Translation by Farzad Khalvati and Doug Marman

© 2018 Hidden Teachings of Rumi