Exploring the Unknown Dimensions of Consciousness – Ego

By Farzad Khalvati

“I will throw the word and sound and speech away.
That without these three I may converse with you.

That word which I kept hidden from man,
I will speak to you, O you who are the hidden mysteries of the world.

I found true individuality in non-individuality.
Therefore I wove my individuality into non-individuality.”
– Rumi 🌹

A discussion on Ego and Subconscious with the help of Jungian model and Rumi’s teachings. Understanding that on the path to self-realization, each dimension of our consciousness, including Ego, is here to help us and it has a higher purpose. Transcending individuality (Ego) and awakening to non-individuality (Subconscious and soul) is a gateway to meet the Beloved within.