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You might ask, what does the “Hidden Teachings of Rumi” mean?

That is the teaching that we cannot grasp by just reading the poetry or writings. It is the difference between the form and what is behind the form. And that is where the inner part of the teachings comes to the light.

And how to grasp the hidden teachings? By taking them within and allowing our higher self to ride on its wave, to feel the breeze of awareness, and the inner current that it brings. This can be done in dream state, in contemplation, or even in our awaking moments. It is by having a relationship with Rumi and other inner masters that the hidden teachings are revealed to us.

I become silent and follow the command to hide this candle.
  The sun and moon became like moths before this candle’s light.
– Divan-e-Shams


The journey to discover the Hidden Teachings of Rumi has been a long and rewarding one. Yet, it is a never ending story where at each step of the path, the Beloved reveals another beauty hidden behind the veil of form. This evolving discovery over the past several years would not have been possible without guidance, patience, and mentorship of Mr. Doug Marman whose teachings and books have been the source of deep inspirations on understanding Rumi’s hidden teachings; books such as It Is What It Is, The Silent Questions, and Lenses of Perception.



Dr. Farzad Khalvati, PhD, is a scientist in biomedical engineering and he has published over 80 papers (including 3 patents) in scientific journals and conference proceedings. He has a strong personal interest in spirituality and Sufi mysticism, and for the past several years, he has been studying the exploration of consciousness under spiritual teachers.

Being a descendant of a Sufi Master himself (Hazrat Baba Khalvati known as Nosrat-Ali Shah), he has been fascinated by the wisdom behind Sufi (Rumi and other Sufi mystics) teachings and its relevance to the modern man needs for a healthy and meaningful life. He has been giving talks on spirituality with practical ways of recognizing and understanding the hidden dimensions of consciousness through dreams and contemplation. With the help of fellow seekers, the goal is to understand the true self, expand consciousness, and step on the path towards self-realization.

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