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You might ask, what does the “Hidden Teachings of Rumi” mean?

That is the teaching that we cannot grasp by just reading the poetry or writings. It is the difference between the form and what is behind the form. And that is where the inner part of the teachings comes to the light.

And how to grasp the hidden teachings? By taking them within and allowing our higher self to ride on its wave, to feel the breeze of awareness, and the inner current that it brings. This can be done in dream state, in contemplation, or even in our awaking moments. It is by having a relationship with Rumi and other inner masters that the hidden teachings are revealed to us.

I become silent and follow the command to hide this candle.
  The sun and moon became like moths before this candle’s light.
– Divan-e-Shams



Dr. Farzad Khalvati, PhD, is a scientist who works in the fields of artificial intelligence and biomedical engineering. He has published over 100 articles and abstracts in scientific journals and conference proceedings. Farzad is a descendent of the Sufi Master, Nosrat Ali Shah—known as Hazrat Baba Khalvati. He has been inspired by the deep wisdom behind Rumi’s teaching and its relevance to modern man’s quest for a meaningful life. He has been studying the exploration of consciousness through Rumi and other mystic teachings for past several years and he has given over 15 talks on Rumi’s teachings.


Doug.MarmanDoug Marman has been writing, lecturing, and leading classes on spirituality and the exploration of consciousness for more than 40 years. He has written several articles and 6 books on spirituality and science including It Is What It Is, the commentary and translation of Rumi’s Fihe Ma Fih; a series of discourses that is believed to be a gateway to real understanding of Rumi’s teachings. Among other books written by Doug is:  The Silent QuestionsLenses of PerceptionThe Spiritual Flow of Life, and Sukhmani- The Secret of Inner Peace.

His diverse work has led him through successful careers in a wide range of professions, including: journalist, inventor (with more than 35 patents), engineer, corporate executive at one of the largest companies in the world, and co-founder of a technology start-up in artificial intelligence.


IMG_1594Mitra Shafaei, is a Rehabilitation Therapist in the healthcare field. Since she was young, she has had a strong interest in spirituality and the poetry of Rumi. She has been leading classes on Rumi over the last few years. She is now studying ways to apply these ancient teachings to wellbeing and life-style coaching. Mitra has also been organizing lectures and dialogues on Rumi’s teachings, and she leads the artwork design and development for the Hidden Teachings of Rumi website.

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