The Hidden Teachings of Rumi

By Doug Marman, Farzad Khalvati, Mitra ShafaeiThe_Hidden_Teachings_of_Rumi-front_cover-540px


This book reveals a secret that has been hidden for over 700 years.

Behind the poetry that Rumi created out of love for his teacher, Shams of Tabriz, is a deep spiritual teaching. Millions are drawn to the beauty of Rumi’s writings, but rarely are full poems quoted because they are so difficult to understand. They are seen by most as spontaneous expressions of love and spiritual ecstasy that seem to leap from one moment to another.

However, there is a thread that weaves these moments into whole cloth. Each poem shares a poignant lesson about a spiritual teaching that can only be seen with eyes of love.

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ISBN 978-0-9793260-4-2
324 pages 
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