By Farzad Khalvati

The seeker is standing in the River of Life letting the pure water of stream touch his feet. The serenity of water washes away all his worries. He wonders: “How can I be recognized by Life”? The water beneath his feet keeps running with a celestial harmony. Standing in the river, he closes his eyes and contemplates.
An enormous, colourful, and beautiful bird flies above the river. Every flap of his wings moves the air gently.  He flies toward the hill on the horizon where the river originates. There is a waterfall hidden in the beauty of the forest. The bird flies above the waterfall and then comes down and gets closer to it. The waterfall touches one of his wings; soft like a silk. The bird flies up and around the waterfall and the wind is blowing through his wings. Tranquility is in the air and the bird is filled with joy.
The seeker opens his eyes. A knowingness takes shape in his being: “To be recognized by Life, one must recognize Life, right now, right here. Be the river, be the bird.”

Painting by M. Farshchian