Love and Mind

When the flood of tears is overwhelming, love grows flowers.
Lovers can do everything with the beauty of the spiritual love.

Mind says the three dimensions are the limit and there is no way out of this world.
Love says there is a way, and I have taken it many times.

–  Rumi Divan-e-Shams
Translation by Farzad Khalvati and Doug Marman

© 2018 Hidden Teachings of Rumi

Upcoming Talk: Beauty Behind the Veil 

I invite you to join us in a talk on Rumi’s teachings at the University of Toronto Initiative for Iranian Studies, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations.

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Date: Friday Nov 23, 2018 at 4pm
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Title: Beauty Behind the Veil – A practical approach for understanding a deeper meaning of Rumi’s writings
Speaker: Farzad Khalvati



Beauty Behind the Veil – A practical approach for understanding a deeper meaning of Rumi’s writings

By Farzad Khalvati, Doug Marman

As the most famous Sufi mystic of all times, Rumi’s poetry and writings have been the source of inspiration for some, and a source of confusion for others. While some scholars and Sufi enthusiasts find deep and meaningful teachings behind his writings (Chittick, 2005), there have been debates among academic scholars who suggest that Rumi’s writings are entirely random and lack any organizational structure (Palmer, 2015). The lack of solid causality and linearity in the construction of Rumi’s writings, such as Masnavi and Discourses (Fihi-Ma-Fihi), have made them notoriously difficult to understand (Arberry, 1995). This might have contributed to an impression that most of Rumi’s work can only be seen as a linguistic artwork and not a foundation for a teaching. Continue reading

Moments of Awakening



Moments of Awakening 🌹

By Farzad Khalvati

To get a glimpse of awakening moments, let’s challenge ourselves to go deep within and find a moment in our lives that brings us the breeze of awareness and inner freedom. The moment that although might have happened a long time ago, putting our awareness on it awakens a deep sense of connectedness in us with Life. This moment could be an event in awakening, an uplifting vision in contemplation, or a dream.

Have you had a dream so profound that to this date, thinking about it uplifts you? Have you met someone that has influenced you so deeply that you are never the same person again? Have you had a vision in contemplation that has given you a glimpse of inner worlds that its beauty and magnificence is just beyond imagination?

These moments of awakening are gifts from The Beloved so that we don’t despair and keep seeking. 🌹

“Don’t despair, my love, hope has arrived.
The hope of Soul has come from the invisible.

Don’t despair, O Love, even in the darkness of this prison cell,
For the King who freed Josef from prison has arrived.”
Rumi 🌹 Continue reading

Wine of HU


Painting by Mahmoud Farshchian

How can we have a glimpse of the inner worlds? How can we see the beauty of the Beloved?

Vision (khyal) and contemplation are bridges between the visible and invisible worlds. Vision and the wine of HU ride us on the wave of the sound current and take us to the heart of the Beloved.


How can you be freed from the selfish desires without the cup of HU?
O you who have become content with no more of HU than the name of HU!

What springs to life from a name or an attribute of the Beloved? A vision.
A vision of the Beloved that leads to union.

Have you ever seen a lover without reasons for their love?
Or travelled a road without dangers?

Have you ever seen a name without reality behind it?
Or picked a rose from the letters “r-o-s-e”?

You called HU: Now search for the One behind that name.
Look up for the moon, not in reflections of water.

If you want to transcend name and form,
Free yourself completely of the selfish self.

– Rumi’s Masnavi
Translation by Farzad Khalvati and Doug Marman Continue reading

Hidden Treasure

By Farzad Khalvati

You are invited to join in a journey of uncovering a secret that has been hidden in Rumi’s poetry for more than 700 years. A secret that delves deep into the questions that have always been with us since we recognized ourselves;

From where have I come? Why come here?
  Where must I go? When will my true home be shown to me?
– Rumi

However, this website does NOT have The Answer. It is not even looking for The Answer. If The Answer is given, we miss the opportunity to spiritually grow beyond what The Answer is telling us. The expansion of consciousness does not happen by having The Answer readily given. Rather, a consciousness preconditioned by The Answer is destined to shrinking. In contrast, as Rumi shows, the questions are far more important, and it is the deepest questions that lead us to the expansion of our consciousness.

Continue reading